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240,000 books donated, and counting!



General Information

What is Lillypost?

Lillypost is a monthly book subscription box that sends children's books to your door! Each month, tiny fingers will discover carefully curated books, a lovely little note and stickers for fun!

What are the box options?

We offer three options so you can choose the box that best suits the age of your child. Our Board Book Box is perfect for ages 0-3, our Picture Book Box is great for ages 4-7, and our Mixed Book Box is for families who are looking for books at different reading levels.

How many books come in a Lillypost box?

Our Picture Book Box comes with 3 books.
Our Board Book Box comes with 4 books.
Our Mixed Book Box comes with 2 picture books and 1 board book.

How are Lillypost books selected?

Every box of books is selected by passionate parents, aunts, uncles just like you. This means that we select books that we believe will make the biggest impression, create the most fun, and bring the most joy to your little bookworm.

How much does a Lillypost subscription cost?

A Lillypost box starts at $19.95/month + $4.95/box shipping + tax.

Will my books arrive wrapped?

No, your books will not come automatically wrapped. However, you do have the option to pay an additional $5/box + tax to have all the books individually wrapped.

Do You Charge Tax?

Yes, subscriptions will be charged tax based on your state's sales tax rules (if applicable).

Why do some of my books have a small dot or line on the edge of the book?

Since many of our books are purchased from publishers' excess inventory, they add a small mark on the edge of the book to ensure that the books cannot be returned. All the books are new and in excellent condition; however, that small mark allows us to offer our boxes at the prices we do!

What format are your picture books?

All picture books are hardcover; however, we do not guarantee that these books will come with a dust jacket.

What should I order if I have children in both the board book and picture book age groups?

We have a mixed book box that is great for families for children at different reading levels! A mixed box includes 2 picture books and 1 board book to appeal to each age group.

What if I received a book my child already has?

Community is a very important word to everyone here at Lillypost. If you receive a book that your child already has, we encourage you to share it with your community. Drop it off at a local charity, your child’s classroom, or even give it to your neighbor! We think this could be a great chance to interact with those around you and help make a small difference for children’s literacy.

If I sign up today, when will I receive my first box?

Your first box will begin processing immediately after your order is placed. It will then ship out of our facility within 2-4 business days, on average. Once shipped, your box will take approximately 3-10 business days to arrive at your door depending on the location.

Does everyone receive the same books every month?

No, just because you order during the same month as someone else, it does not mean that you will be receiving the same books. We select our favorite books and add them to a pool on a continual basis. New books are added weekly and it will always be a fun surprise for both the child and the parents!


If you opt-in to receive seasonal books, we will consider books related to upcoming holidays and seasons for your boxes, when available. This could include books about holidays such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, as well as books based around different seasons (winter, spring, summer, and fall). You can adjust your preferences at any time by logging into your account, going to your profile, and selecting your preference within each active subscription individually.


We cannot guarantee a seasonal book will be included in every box based on the variation of seasonal content throughout the year. If there are seasonal books available when your box is being processed, we will include a maximum of one book to your box to ensure you still have great variety in every box!

Can I add a special note to my box?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this feature currently. However, we do offer printable gift messages that are available on our website for you to give to the gift recipient. This lets them know that a special gift is heading their way! View the available gift messages here.

How does Lillypost give back?

Here at Lillypost, literacy is of the utmost importance. That is why we donate one new book for every single box shipped out our doors to a charity focused on advancing children’s literacy. To date, we have donated over 240,000 books! Learn more here.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card and debit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Do you offer gift cards?

We are sorry, but we do not offer gift cards at this point in time.

Why is my credit card being declined?

Your credit card may be declined because we do not accept the form of payment you are trying to enter. Also, double check that the billing information you are entering matches the billing address connected to your credit card exactly. If you are still having trouble, contact us and we can help you out.

I didn’t receive an order confirmation for my subscription. What do I do?

No worries! Login into your account and click the order # to get your full order breakdown and also your order fulfillment status.

What do I do if I accidentally signed up for more than one subscription?

Contact our customer service team who would be happy to look into your account for you. A refund will be given when needed. Please contact us at [email protected].


Absolutely! We want your Lillypost boxes to grow with your little one. If you would like to change your box type, please contact us at [email protected] at least 48 hours before your box’s scheduled date and we’d be happy to make the change.

Accounts and Billing

When will I be billed for my Lillypost subscription?

If this is your first time signing up for Lillypost, you will be billed immediately. For all subsequent renewals, you will be billed on your anniversary day of the month.

When will my subscription renew?

Your subscription will renew on your anniversary date. If you choose "This is a gift" on the checkout page, your subscription will not be renewed and your card will not be charged again.

Can I change the frequency of my boxes?

Sorry, we do not offer the ability to change your box frequency. All boxes are shipped monthly.

How can I change my credit card number?

Simply login into your account, go to My Profile and update the payment information listed under Manage Payment.

Shipping and Tracking

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we only ship to the United States and Canada. If you are in the US but your shipping address is in Canada, please visit to place your order.

When will my Lillypost box be shipped?

Your Lillypost box will begin processing every month on the anniversary of your original sign up date. It will then ship out of our facility within 2-4 business days, on average.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Sorry, but we do not offer this service currently.

How long will it take for my Lillypost order to arrive?

Once your box has shipped, expected delivery times in the United States is on average 3-10 business days, depending on the location.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that will have all the tracking information you need. This number can also be found in your profile information on our website.

My tracking number isn’t updating. What does this mean?

The tracking information will be updated 24-48 hours after you receive notification that it has shipped. If the time period passes and an update is still not available, please contact customer service at [email protected] with your order ID so we can assist you.

It’s been 10 days since my box shipped and I still haven’t received it. What should I do?

We are so sorry to hear your box has not arrived yet! Please contact customer service so we can verify that your address is correct and take any action needed to get you your box!

What should I do if my book is damaged?

We are truly sorry! We would like to make it up to you so please contact us at [email protected] with the details and photos of the damaged book(s) attached.

How do I update my shipping address?

Log in to your Lillypost account and edit your information for each subscription under My Subscriptions in your profile. Please note that your shipping address must be updated before your renewal date in order for the package to go to that new location. If you require assistance updating your shipping address, please contact us!


If your tracking details say that your order was returned to sender, we will automatically refund the box once it is returned to our facility. If you have any questions, please contact our team at [email protected].

Canceling Your Subscription

How do I cancel my subscription?

Although we would be sad to see you go, you can easily cancel your active subscription within the My Subscriptions page under your account. Please note that you will only be able to cancel boxes with a Status of Scheduled. If your order has a Status of Filled or Pending, please contact customer service at [email protected].

What is the last day I can cancel before I get billed again?

You must cancel before your anniversary date if you do not want your subscription to renew.

How do I sign up again after having previously canceled?

If you would like to continue receiving monthly Lillypost boxes, we encourage you to log into your account and go through the checkout process, where you have the option to purchase a new monthly or three-month subscription. As long as you place your order within the same account, you will not receive any duplicate books from previous subscriptions.

Review, Media, Community, Press

For all inquiries, please send an email to [email protected]. If you are a Blogger, YouTuber or Instagrammer, please include your full name as well as links to all your social channels and your reason for contacting us. If you are press or media, please include your business' information as well as your reason for contact. Thanks!